Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I'm participating in the whole30 challenge starting yesterday...

Our eating habits are generally good and generally followed the paleo diet... however overindulging in more unhelahty food, booze, and skipping workouts more frequently over the holidays has left me feeling (and looking) bloated and crappy.  Ready for a change.

It's a month long strict paleo nutritional program... not a weight loss program per se, they call that an added benefit but you really do it for health. I have never followed the no dairy part of the paleo diet before so that will be a challenge. But I like challenges. And no alcohol. Big yikes! However I'm not happy with my body and I exercise so it's obviously what I'm putting in...  There are plenty of healthy, delicious foods on the allowed list :)

"We want you to use the Whole30 as a learning tool to gain awareness of how the foods you used to eat were actually affecting how you look, feel, live and perform."

Basic overview of the program:

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