Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finishing the Dining Area

We're working on getting more pics of the completed project up, but trying to furnish the house as well.

We have a nice kitchen table from Chris' family, however we don't think it quite fits in with our farmhouse feel:

Using the old beams on the island for inspiration, we decided to make a table.  We salvaged as many old beams/ lumber as we could from the old addition when we demo'ed it - and I think we found the perfect use for some of them...

Chris and his friend are hard at work now, putting it all together.  We think we'll go with a wax finish so we don't have to plane down the old wood and won't have the yellowish tone of poly.

They are using the Gun Barrel table from Restoration Hardware as their guide (I like the cost of ours better!)

My inspiration for the chairs is this - I love the white chairs against the rustic wood table-

My search for white chairs lead me to antique stores today, and I found a set of 4 chairs that I'm liking...

I have always loved the look of 2 larger, different chairs at the ends of the table - so these four could work for the chairs along the long sides.  The blue stripe in the burlap-type fabric also would work with our blue island stools...