Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whole30 - Day 20

I can't believe it's been 20 days!  I feel really good.  It's definitely a challenge keeping food in the house since I have been supplying 100% of our meals.  It's noticeable to me that I sleep better, wake more easily and don't really seem to get tired during the day.  I have felt fine energy-wise with my workouts as long as I make sure to eat something before (usually 1/2 a sweet potato) especially if I'm teaching the class.
I have been completely compliant short of having a sauteed banana with unsweetened coconut for dessert a couple times.  Not too bad.  No alcohol.  That's a bit of a challenge but I survived a party and it was definitely easier than I expected!

Some recent meals that are worth remembering -

Sauteed haddock - marinated first in a little lime juice and garlic (30 mins?) and s&p.  Served with cabbage and onions and asparagus.

The homemade bacon came out AMAZING.  I didn't  use the "pink salt" (sodium nitrite) because I read it wasn't why bother adding it!  I followed this basic recipe (minus sugar, fennel, caraway) and left in fridge for 5 days before cooking as in the recipe.

Delish breakfast with homemade bacon, eggs, and leftover sweet potato fries.

Easy basic chicken thighs/ tomato/ avocado/ salsa salad

The pups begging for food

Wild Salmon marinated in dijon, garlic, lime, apple cider vinegar and cayenne - served with sauteed kale

Coconut shrimp!  So good.  Chris followed this recipe - served with sauteed sugar snap peas and an Asian broccoli slaw.  Topped with some mango salsa :)

And tonight's meal-
I cooked a pork shoulder from our favorite farm, Blue Jingler, following this basic recipe/spice mix and using the crock pot.   The pork cooked for 10 hours and fell right off the bone...minimal shredding needed.  I served with mashed rutabaga - something I had never made (or even eaten) before.  We were both big fans!  I used some vegetable broth to moisten when mashing.   Excited to have a new starchy side other than sweet potato and winter squashes.  Also served with sauteed kale.


  1. Thanks for sharing. This is something I am going to look into.

  2. That all looks amazing! If I hadn't already just eaten I would be licking the screen.

  3. Thanks Holly for the shoutout. Love your blog and recipes. I grew up in Jersey, Bergen County to be exact. I love Texas, where I live now, but I do miss my Garden State. As for your recipe, I just recently tried rutabaga for the first time this week. I shredded mine and made it into a hash and served it for breakfast with eggs. I will have to try it mashed for sure to changes things up. I recently found a new starchy side, like you said above in your post, that I am loving right now too. I pureed carrots and parsnips together and it was so sweet yet savory. The recipe will post tomorrow on my site if you want to try it. Happy cooking and good luck with the Whole 30. You are almost there! Laura