Friday, September 2, 2011

Hee Hawwww

Introducing, Miller (Lite) & Snickers (a.k.a. Snickerdoodle) - our two Miniature Mediterranean donkeys...

and Jethro (a.k.a. Goat) & Mae, our two Nigerian dwarf goats.We got them from a friend who's moving and searching for good homes for her animals before that time comes.

Miniature donkeys are herd animals, and they should always be kept with another Miniature Donkey or other animal as a life-long friend. It is clear to see this bond between Miller and Snickers... they are literally always side by side (as are the manure piles). It has been a lot of fun to watch them and learn their personalities. Snickers gets grouchy with the goats around feeding time and shows them his rear to threaten with a kick if they get too close. Miller greets me every morning with a loud bray as soon as the upstairs lights turn on in the house, and also greets Chris when he pulls in the driveway every evening. They love attention and petting and brushing...many evenings I spend out in the barn with their big heads on my lap, just getting attention and scratching!

The goats are tricky, as one would expect.  Jethro is much friendlier than Mae, who prefers to keep to herself.  They both love to climb on things and we are always thinking of fun items to add to the pasture for their enjoyment.

We love our barnyard friends!

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