Sunday, September 4, 2011

Excavation/ Footings

Next step was to support the old foundation prior to constructing the new one.  We are using Superior Walls for the new foundation, but some work to prepare the Site for them was necessary.

Complete digging down to the correct depth -

Set forms for poured concrete:

At this point we had to have a Township Inspector come out before we could pour the concrete.  Everything was approved, and we could then pour concrete:

Next, the mason built the block walls to match height of superior walls:

There will be a "shelf" here in the basement in this area, encasing the foundation of the old house, with a staircase going up into the old basement.  Conveniently, the shelf will be a nice bar-height, easy on the eyes with the exposed stone behind it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 update.  The block is complete, and the next step is to expand the excavation to the full size of the addition.  However, some rain is holding us up a bit, and it doesn't look like its stopping anytime soon...

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  1. Oh man, are you guys still getting water in Jersey? How high is the water getting??? What a pain.