Friday, September 2, 2011

The birds

We got 6 chicks in March, who first had to be indoors with a heat lamp, and grew quickly to become awkward adolescents.  These shots are from from their first day trip outside -

Henrietta (pictured above), Carolyn, Ping Pong, Erin, Lady Gaga, and Copper Top were the original crew.  Unfortunately, screeching noises coming from the sunporch told us that we had some cockerals...  Lady Gaga, Erin, and Copper Top subsequently had been re-homed.  Henrietta (a.k.a. Henry) the Rooster stays to keep a watchful eye over the girls.  We have also gotten 2 more (adult)  hens, to help with the egg production since our loss of birds.  We love getting fresh eggs daily - our 5 hens now produce between 3 - 4 eggs per day, and Henrietta is my natural alarm clock :)

We bought a coop from a guy through craigslist - just $50 + red paint to match the barn-

Lily keeping guard -

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